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We understand how hard it is to stand out among all of the noise online. We are here to guide and support you in becoming the hero of your own story by building a brand that people will know, like, and trust.

You are the master of your content. We are here to make you look good, so you can become an authority in your industry.

Build a solid brand foundation from the get-go.

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Over the past two decades of building our own brands and helping our clients grow their companies, we have found that there is an order to building a successful brand online that saves a ton of time and money.

Do you have a solid brand foundation in place? 

• Can people tell YOU what YOU do back to YOU?

• Do you have a recognizable emblem, typeface, and brand colors defined?

• Brand images that clearly and professionally show off your product or service?

• A website that doesn’t just look good, but drives your viewers to purchase from you?

Do you have a solid sales process in place for your product? 

• Do you have the perfect offer that viewer’s can’t refuse?

• Do you have images in your sales process that highlights your product or service?

• Can your website sell your product even while you sleep?

• Is your sales process optimized to scale beyond your time and attention?

Do you have a digital hub for all of your information to share online? 

• Does your website feel professional and reflect your in-person experience?

• Do you have the training or ability to update your own website if you wanted to?

• Can you recieve viewer’s money through your site?

• Is your site optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewers?

Do you have an overview video on the front of your website that quickly converts passive viewers to paying customers? 

• Does this video highlight your product or service?

• Does this video use high-quality photos, graphics, animations, and video to keep your viewer engaged?

• Is this video sharable on all of your social media channels?

Now that your platform is all set, have you been producing video hooks to grab viewers and lead them to your website or sales funnel? 

• Are you releasing videos randomly and getting random results?

• Are your videos engaging and fun to watch

• Are your videos being optimized for YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine (AND owned by Google)?

Are you continually delivering valuable content to your tribe online? 

• Are you collecting a database of contacts but not reaching out to them to provide value and purchase opportunities?

• Are you balancing valuable content with sales pitches properly?

• Are you spreading those campaigns to your website and social media channels as well?

Need a part-time CMO?

Work with award-winning chief marketing officer Bear Wade to keep your company on track with growing your company and overseeing and designing your marketing campaigns, as well as working in a leadership role to guide your staff to feel empowered to do their best work, bring their best ideas and feel inspired to grow your bottom line. He also works to update systems, software, and your team’s workflow for better long-term outcomes.

This is what success looks like

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