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Every Business Needs Video

Done-for-you video production services

Our award-winning production team shooting at your location showing off your product, service, process, and testimonials, all packaged up in a two-minute video to convert viewers into customers.

-We film you at your location
-We script, film, edit and deliver
-Great for presentations, website and social
-Use to launch, train or remind your viewers
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Will you be doing the recording yourself?


Reach and be found with Unify My Videos

Done-for-you editing services

With YouTube being the second largest search engine only behind Google (which owns YouTube) if you want to be found, and you want to show your product, service, or teach others, this is a fundamental way to continue to bring in new potential customers.

Use this video series to reach people on YouTube, social media, your website viewers, and your email newsletters.

- Pre-Production strategy sessions
- You film yourself and upload your raw footage to our secure and private server
- ​We edit for both material and watchability
​- We deliver finished films for you to share
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With our proven system, we've reached 100,000 YouTube Subscribers for one of our channels!

Your Business Deserves A Quick Win

One Explainer Video

People don't buy what they don't understand. Video can hook your potential customers super-quick and drive more sales!

-  You film with our guidance
- Scriptwriter, Voice Actor
- Video Editor
- Premium Music

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Great for your website, landing page, social media, and email newsletters.

Your Podcast. Recorded, Edited & Delivered.

There is no denying that podcasts are a great way to reach your audience, position you as an authority in your industry, and continue to put your message in front of your potential customers. Whether it be audio-only or audio and video, this long-from medium is here to stay.

-We record you and your guests
-We edit and sweeten the audio
-We place ads and series intro
-We distribute each episode
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Build a brand that looks like a top
industry leader at the fraction of the cost.

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Give your concept an identity so you can attract more viewers and drive more sales.

Whether you are launching a new business, product, or service, it deserves a clear and exciting identity, so your viewers can recognize, understand, and take your brand seriously.

We'll custom produce everything you need to launch a professional-looking brand and get higher paying customers.

-We develop your Brand Script
-We design your Brand Identity
-We provide Brand Images
-We Audit your Website
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Lead your customers through the sales process with a custom website funnel

An online webpage that guides your customers through the sales process with added upsells offered to increase your revenue.

We’ll work with you to create your offer, design images, and put them together on your customized sales site.

• Custom created offer ($2497 value)
• Images highlighting your offer ($997 value)
• Designed sales site ($2497 value)
• Optimized for growth ($997 value)

Perfect for: when your website isn't making you money while you sleep, this sales site can offer upsells, downsells, and create more business for your company per customer.

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On-demand Video Tutorials
This feature is a great reference for
onboarding new staff.

Be more productive, organized, and creative.

Trello Tutorial - Learn to use this project management tool that will get your organization running more smoothly.

Canva Tutorial - Up your graphic design game with Canva, a great user-friendly design tool.

MailChimp Tutorial - Reach people’s email boxes with professional well-designed emails.

Perfect for B2B or B2C applications!
Valued at over $100!

Just $7!

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At Unify Creative Agency, our aim is to make you look valuable. We help companies be seen, heard and understood by focusing on marketing, branding and high-end visuals.

When you engage with us, we’ll audit your business marketing and develop a custom marketing roadmap so you know exactly where your focus should be. You are good at what you do. We’ll make you look good. We then put your roadmap into play by providing a range of services.

We can help you with everything from photography and video production, to website development and social media marketing, to business consulting.

At Unify, we’ve created a proven process to help clarify your message and connect with your customers, so you can finally stop spinning your wheels and build the business you deserve.

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What success looks like:
How much money are you losing because
people don't understand what you sell?

Now more then ever, it is time to look like an industry-leading company so you can
attract the attention of your viewers and turn them into repeat customers.

For nearly two decades, Brandon "Bear" Wade has been building and supporting successful brands around the country as well as directing award-winning films and successful YouTube channels and is the owner of Unify Creative Agency.
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