Consumer & Retail

In the retail industry, marketing is all about attracting customers and driving sales. By deploying authentic and consistent marketing across social and email platforms, a business will gain customers and increase brand awareness.

To stand out among competitors in the saturated retail market, we believe that branding must be bold, human, and take on fresh angles.

Our expert team produces unique brand concepts, calling upon industry market research to ensure effective and timely content.

Here are some of the major areas we focus on in our retail marketing strategy:

  • Stand-out visual branding
  • Emphasis on storytelling (“the human factor”) in copywriting
  • Email outreach to develop segments and establish trust/brand awareness
  • Effective, SEO-driven website
  • Google Ads and Google Analytics for engagement and tracking
  • Print marketing and in-store collateral
  • Smart automations so customers can get involved with a click