Graphic Design

Since the beginning of time, traveling has provided those who develop a craving for adventure with the opportunity to discover and explore.

Graphic Design is often thought of as logo design, but that isn’t quite true.  A graphic designer can create a logo, but good graphic design creates an identity by implementing “all the things” so you have a unified look no matter what people are looking at.  We communicate your brand clearly across all possible venues, whether it’s your business card, website or your billboard off the interstate.  

Good graphic design is as small as having your logo centered on your trade show tablecloth to something as big as making sure the spacing is done well so your logo or tag line reads GOD IS NOW HERE and not GOD IS NOWHERE. 

(This banner wasn't designed by Unify...)


These brand elements were designed by Unify and you can see how they apply to the men's and women's jerseys.

Image Image Image