Products within the manufacturing industry are often complex, meaning that their marketing takes careful creative strategy. Our team is experienced in marketing innovative, tech-driven brands and looks forward to working with yours.

We believe that one of the most important components in successful manufacturing marketing is defining the ideal customer – a process that might take more brainstorming than, say, a mainstream retail product would.

Who exactly buys your products? What are their challenges and goals?

To ensure that we’re implementing the most effective marketing techniques, we must understand exactly who we’re marketing to. Design engineers? Procurement managers? R&D teams? Maybe it’s more than one audience.

With clearly defined ideal customer(s), our marketing team produces written and visual campaigns that speak to them in a concise, impactful way. They’ll understand what your product is, and why they need it.

Here are some of the major areas we focus on in our marketing strategy for manufacturing companies:

  • Fully-fleshed target audience
  • Cohesive written and visual marketing collateral
  • Product launch campaigns across social media channels
  • Market research around industry and competitors
  • Effective, SEO-driven website
  • Customer-focused narratives in copywriting
  • Google Analytics for engagement tracking