Marketing is an essential component of an annual fundraising strategy for any non-profit organization. In order to get the most out of your donors, you must carefully plan and execute marketing campaigns across the proper platforms.

Our team believes that the first step in marketing for a non-profit is to assess and develop the personas of its average donors.

Demographically speaking, who contributed the most to your non-profit in the previous year? Is there any reason to think this profile will change next year? Are there new targets?

With a solid understanding of a non-profit’s ideal donors – and where they can be reached, digitally and in print – our team produces targeted creative campaigns. 

We think that copywriting plays a big role in the effectiveness of non-profit fundraisers, and like to inject clever incentives that will elicit more donations. Think basic freebies like stationery and totes, or symbolic gestures like tree plantings and virtual pet “adoptions.”

Here are some of the major areas we focus on in our non-profit marketing strategy:

  • Integrated content strategy across social media, websites, and email
  • Fully-fleshed ideal donor profiles
  • Events and community collaborations
  • Freebies and benefits for donors
  • Fresh, story-driven copywriting angles