Case Studies

Get a taste of some of our successful client campaigns!

Grimco Case Study: Max Madness

Grimco, a sign manufacturing supply company, contracted our agency in 2020 to guide their marketing campaign efforts.

Before the high tariff on aluminum was to take place at the turn of 2019 between China and the United States, Grimco purchased more shipping containers of aluminum than ever before – they bought 15 times the normal order. 

Their hope was that with the higher demand and a solid marketing effort, they could ship some units to their customer base and hopefully use this as a way to get new customers on-board.

We were able to guide the marketing department through the process of producing a streamlined campaign to sell this stuff like crazy! We called it Max Madness.

We managed a clever digital campaign that incorporated social media, email, and community outreach. We sold out in just two weeks – AKA halfway into the campaign! 690 of the customers were first-time purchasers.

Hiring a marketing consultant grows profits, clarity, and workforce satisfaction. We’re so glad we were able to guide Grimco through this successful campaign, and wish them great future success.

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