How to launch a product company with better marketing? Is your business product or service not getting noticed? Today we’re going to talk about launching. So stick around.

I am Bear Wade with Unify Creative Agency. We want to help you be seen, heard and understood and look more professional online.

And today we’re going to talk about launching, launching a new product to service, a new company, a new fresh look.

And why that’s so important. Giving your business, your product, your services.

An identity is so important because it helps others understand what you offer and what you’re about.

And the quality of that will reflect in how professional they think you are.

Why is quality marketing so important?

People really do value quality, a quality of professional looking photographs, professional-looking brochure and website and social media.

All of that is reflected in what people think about how professional you are and what kind of, how serious they can take you as being an industry leader.

That’s why looking professional is very important. So when I was building, I was trying to um, make a documentary for television.

And I wanted to get it onto PBS. I didn’t have the film done.

We had gone and shot it. Um, my wife and I, and you know, we had collected some of the elements.

We knew the name of the film. Um, but giving it an identity was super important in how to sell it and how to pre-sell it.

How to secure funding for it? Trying to get those elements together is what I want to talk about today. And this idea of launching and why it’s so important.

So there are four elements that you definitely want to have together to help launch a product, a service, a new offering or how to refresh your brand.

Here are the four elements.

The first element is a brand script.  If you don’t know the words you want to say or that you can say to incept into somebody’s mind, with your point, then it is going to be super hard to explain it.

So when we were making our film, it’s about a road trip that happened in 1920. Before not having a brand script, we’d have friends,  they heard about us traveling around the West and shooting this movie.

What’s it about? And, I would hear, I would kind of look down at my shoes and go, well, it’s a, it’s a movie that’s about a road trip.

These people have their cars and, and went to all the national parks at the time.

Have you been to a national park before?

And, and I just didn’t have it very clear. And, um, my wife and I realized that we needed to like come up with our little elevator pitch. You know, we needed a brand script.

We needed to know how to say it over and over in a repeatable way for people to understand what it is.

Right. And hence now we have, it was a road trip that took place in 1920 when people would, these kind of average people took their, their model T look cars and drove around the West 5,000 miles.

It took them 76 days and they went to every national park at the time before there were good roads, air conditioning, very good maps. \

There were no gas stations.

Can you imagine what that would be like? We made a movie about that and that little pit, that little thing we defined and you know, I had to make sure we got the date in there.

Effects of efficient marketing

I’ve been to the grand Canyon or, you know, we had something to a hook, you know, we had a hook, um, to talk about. Which i why a brand script is so important. You, it is not an easy thing to figure out. It actually is pretty tedious.

But if you can tell, you know, if you can, and sometimes you have to like swap out words and it just to try and get it narrowed down and defined and to memorize it is super helpful. So a brand script is element number one in launching a new product.

Element two, is your brand identity. So we’re talking about some sort of logo and color palette and fonts, those types of things. Those elements within a brand identity really help convey, um, your professionalism.

Whether we like it or not, you know a lot of this stuff can be kind of chucked up to vanity, but it really is a great tool to help people understand what you’re about and, and your level of seriousness.

Facts about effective marketing

Whether we like it or not, you know, places like Nike and under armor and McDonald’s, we know their logos.

And if  we see a commercial with red and yellow, we know it’s McDonald’s, whether we like it or not.

So those colors help convey quicker your message. And we wanted to find those things. So having some sort of a logo signature, so some sort of emblem and then a stylized font can really go a long way.

To add,  you can have it stacked and horizontal and use it for print and social media and it starts to speak for you.

And that is such a great investment in a long journey of building out your, your business or your product or your service.

Hence getting those elements for your brand identity is key.

Next we’re going to talk about brand images, which is something that you need when launching a product. So, or service or, or company, you want to have just a handful of what we call hero images.

Something that you can use all the time in all sorts of different mediums that help communicate what you do or the outcome of working with you.

if you are an HVAC company, you want to make sure that we have people happy and comfortable in their home as the photo, right?

More tips about effective marketing

How to launch a product company with better marketing is something every business owner needs to figure out in the early stages of setup.

It’s not so much about you, it’s the outcome of, of what they get if they work with you.

As a result, we were trying to find those images, whether we capture them or sometimes you have to use stock photography to help get the point across because it’s just too hard to do.

But to collect three, five hero images that you can use over and over is super helpful in communicating and keeping it consistent throughout all of your different platforms is super key.

So make sure you have nailed down three to five hero images.

And lastly, if you’re going to launch something, you want to make sure that you have a good call to action and a place for them to go and buy your product or your service or do the next step in your sales process.

If the call to action is book a free consultation, you want to make sure you put that on everything.

You define it and you start working.

Whatever that action is or that call to action, you want to make sure you define it and use it over and over in everything you do.

If you don’t have a place online to for them to go, you need to have a website or some sort of landing page

Or something they can do what you’ve asked them to without necessarily needing you to be around to have it done.

What effective marketing does?

If you can try and find a way to convert that person who has seen your call to action to a paying customer, that’s what a website is about. That’s what a page is about.

Figure out that solution is very important when launching a new product or service, we say it here all the time at Unify people don’t buy what they don’t understand.

Therefore, if you can create a package when launching of what you offer or what the outcome is, why they should identify the problem and define that call to action, you can really go a long way fairly quickly.

If you are looking to elbow your way into the market and be more recognizable, be an industry leader. Make sure you focus on launching. We have a product called Unify Launch that we would love for you to check out.

It is a way to get your brand script, get your brand identity, your photos, your call to action.

We even do a website audit. So if you have a website now, we can help implement a better call to action or better sales process so you can convert those viewers into customers.

Conclusion statement

To conclude, check out, and use it, use it to grow, use it to get a start building inertia.

With that inertia, it comes more sales comes more awareness. It can get your whole staff, your whole team, your whole sales team, your whole sales force.

Even if it’s just you and you’re an entrepreneur or solopreneur, it helps get your mind focused on what you’re selling, how you’re going to sell it. It gives an identity to the thing you want to offer. So check out,