Save a ton of money and heartache with a marketing audit

unify audit and unify blueprint bundle

We see hundreds—even thousands—of companies WASTE thousands of dollars on marketing their products or services. They start with a website or social media page to get their business marketing checked off their list, and even though it might be easy to do, it isn’t very effective. Their messaging, photography, video, or written copy is disjointed […]

How to increase revenue for your small business

If you run a service-based small business and are looking to grow your revenue, we have three essential tools to help gear you in the right direction for success.1. Increase sales and marketing2. Increase your client base with a strategic approach3. Build an effective way to increase your pricesYou can double your money by growing […]

YouTube is the way to grow your company

Hey everybody, my name is Bear Wade with Unify Creative Agency, and today we’re going to talk about a side hustle of mine that has turned into an actual business; which is called Red Meat Lover. It’s a YouTube cooking show and website, so let’s go check it out. I know, I know right….Red Meat […]

Connect with your Customers

Are you looking to connect with your customers during these unprecedented times? Stick around and I’ll show you how I am Bear Wade, the owner of Unify Creative Agency and an award-winning filmmaker. As many would agree, the way we handle our business in addition to how we interact with our customers has changed in […]

How to launch a product, service or company with better marketing

How to launch a product company with better marketing? Is your business product or service not getting noticed? Today we’re going to talk about launching. So stick around. I am Bear Wade with Unify Creative Agency. We want to help you be seen, heard and understood and look more professional online. And today we’re going […]