Hey everybody, my name is Bear Wade with Unify Creative Agency, and today we’re going to talk about a side hustle of mine that has turned into an actual business; which is called Red Meat Lover. It’s a YouTube cooking show and website, so let’s go check it out.
I know, I know right….Red Meat Lover?…is that really what you’re going for?… Okay. So a few years ago I had a client, who was a friend of mine who told me about the idea for Red Meat Lover. He really wanted to just do a cooking blog but was unsuccessful with the outcome using other outside resources. So he reached out and hired me to come up with the branding, a logo, and a website for his business as he was ready to take it to the next level. With my background in video production, we decided to partner up and I started working on developing a kind of a style for a series and together we have made Red Meat Lover what it is today.

How we grew our YouTube Channel by 63%.
Check out this video for an in-depth overview on the video production series created for “Red Meat Lover” and how we were able to transform the business using marketing tools to showcase his brand. With software such as WordPress, we were able to track our audience on the  website which resulted in a growth increase from around 8,000 to 22,000 viewers as of last month. How exciting is that !! The outcome concluded that we were building a platform that is accessible that people are engaged in which generated a growth rate of 63%, because we started to post more video content on a weekly basis it triggered more traffic which was the outcome we were looking for. 
YouTube is one of the second largest search engines next to Google when it comes to publishing video’s and it is a way for people to continuously find your brand product for years to come. To be clear, it is such a great investment to use YouTube. If you work with me I would help you utilize YouTube to market your brand as I have done with Red Meat Lover.
Now getting back to Red Meat Lover as we can’t downplay a growth of 63%,which is awesome! This is the outcome I wanted to share so you can understand that it is worth building with us as we are doing all we can to increase the growth and sales for businesses using marketing tools such as YouTube and WordPress. I am so excited for the dedication and hard work Joe and I have put into producing amazing content for Red Meat Lover over the past few years.
Red Meat Lover is one of the many companies we have helped to create an ideal film to showcase to their audience. So if you are one of those businesses who are looking to tell a story and engage entertaining through video production to teach people of your product and services, we would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. 

How does the process works, we would:

Record the video and deliver the content directly to you. 
Edit the film and add to your website with the blog post.
Uploaded the edited video to YouTube 
Connect the film to all of your social media posts
Send the video to your contact list so you can drive more traffic for your business 

So if you’re interested in creating and developing your product and service for your business with the steps above, please check out Unify-Agency.com and  UnifyDelivery.com. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on this amazing project, so please reach out for a free consultation now!