Reach your tribe during the coronavirus – Using video as a tool to connect with your tribe while we are all apart

Reach your tribe during the coronavirus

Are you worried about how seclusion from the Corona virus is going to affect your business? Today we're going to talk about how to connect with your tribe using video so you don't lose all of your business momentum. Stay connected and continue to serve your audience while we all are hunkered down. So stick around.

I am Bear Wade with Unify Creative Agency where we want you to be seen, heard and understood and look more professional online as your virtual marketing department. And today we're going to talk about how to use video to reach your audience online during this virus lockdown of 2020. There are five steps to publishing great quality content. Number one: plan for consistency. Create a publication calendar and you can download ours for free at There you can plan out not just sales that you have or asking them to purchase, but you can also balance out value. So make sure you give them value, give them value, give them value, then ask them to do something. So sign up for your newsletter or give them a free, a lead magnet is what we call it something. Give them something for free, keep providing value and then ask them to do something. I think scripting or outlining what you're doing and create a call to action is very valuable.

The Second one is shoot the video. Make sure you have good lighting audio, talk to the camera and not the screen. You know, if you're talking at the screen and you're talking over like this, you're talking to the person which is you and the screen, but see how I'm not connecting to you. You want to make sure you like look at the camera, that little dot on your, on your phone and then continue to look at it. Number three is to edit your video. If you can edit your footage, get to the point. If you're wasting your viewers' time having to watch you blabbering, or not getting to the point, you'll lose interest, they'll lose interest and then you've lost the point of making the video anyway, so make sure you edit and get to the point .

Number four is write a blog post of what you just said. Use bullet points, you know, have a title to what you're talking about. What we like to do is also transcribe the video. So, uh, which means type it out it word for word so we can use that, so we don't have to write a blog post. It's just a way to create the words. If people like to read instead of watch, they can. There are different types of learners and we are all about re-purposing content. So make sure you write or have something that people can read with your, your blog posts. And Number five is deliver. We are big on re-purposing content, like I said. So if you add it to your website, added to your newsletter, add it to social media so more people can get your value, learn from you without having to create separate content for each platform. And remember, consistency is key. I'm still working on it. I'm not that consistent of a person. I am in quality and my passion. But on a calendar, it's really hard for me and I'm still working on that. But remember, consistency is key. Let people continue to learn from you and expect to learn from you, uh, as you grow and keep publishing more content.

Now, most of this can be cumbersome and really time-consuming. So if you are looking to stay the master of your content but not have to deal with all the time-sucking tasks of publishing and polishing, you should check out Unify Delivery. A simple way for you to record your video and then send it to us. We edit, polish, transcribe it, edit your website as blog post, a news article, then ship it to your email database for you and post to your social media platforms. We'll guide you through the whole process and we will get you on a monthly cycle to reach your audience. If you are interested in consistently reaching your tribe, adding more value to your industry and driving more sales, check out