How restaurants can drive more business

If you are a restaurant owner working to get customers during these unprecedented times, I want to help you reach households around you and get more customers. So stick around.

I am Bear Wade, the owner of Unify Creative Agency, an award-winning filmmaker, and I create a lot of content in the food and restaurant industry. Look, it is no surprise that restaurants are getting hit the most with social distancing and restaurants are closing around the country every minute and getting your food in front of potential customers online is the most impactful way to stay in business.

I want to produce a video web ad that we can use to whet people's appetites and get them to come to buy your food and support their local community. We use geofencing techniques to target people in your area and show off your food and remind them to take the night off from cooking and then we'll position you as the solution while showing enticing shots, your food targeting people can take repetition and time and that's why it is imperative to start this process now before it's too late.

This can be a great investment in your future success.

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