The Three Publishing Personalities You Need on Your Creative Team

I think there are three personalities that you need on your publication team to be successful. Looking at the personality types of your current team, who is a content creator, who is naturally an editor, and who is a content publisher?

Content creators

Writers, videographers, photographers, storyboard experts.

Content creators are great at starting something and getting it off the ground. They see the whole picture and can see how to bring this element into this story and that person who would be great to bring into this content creation process and bring it to life.

If you don’t have this personality in leadership, find a creative person who can get content ideas out of leadership and run with it. Your team leaders can always be part of the editing process. It is easier to edit something rather than to start something totally new.


Editors are the type of people that are great at seeing a current problem and adjusting it for the better.

Sometimes they might not be good at starting projects but can pick them up once they are roughed in and get them polished up and to the next level before publishing.

They are good at restructuring or rewording concepts, and are typically great with language and copy proofing, i.e. knowing grammar rules, punctuation, and can spellcheck for you.

They can also give the creators perspective on if this is too much industry/insider language, or need more explanation, or if you need examples or illustrations in certain spots of your content.

Having good content editors can bring fresh eyes, perspective, and clarity to what you create.


You are going to need tech-savvy AND consistent personalities to be your content publishers. I think a consistent personality is more important, because you can teach them the software, but not make someone consistent as easily.

You can’t do this alone

If you are a one-person operation, I’m here to tell you; you can’t do it all. You can’t afford to not publish and get your brand script out there.

When you first start, look for a reasonably priced intern at your local college. Or, set aside a small portion of your monthly budget to hire someone who is passionate about sharing your story and brand with the public.

There are other places like,, and where you can find skilled help. Just make sure you interview and vet each person before hiring anyone. Learn more about hiring freelancers for your business.

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