Creating a Content Calendar to Promote Your Brand with Order

I highly recommend that you use a calendar to schedule content ideas, creation time, review periods, and due dates because it is a great way to stay organized and launch valuable.

Pace your content with consideration about your audience and how much value you are bringing them and set up your calendar accordingly. It’s better to do less with more value than to overdo it with low value content. That’s a quick and guaranteed way to lose followers and followers equals business.

Once you assign a campaign concept to the content production pipeline, assign the publication day, and then work backward. Leave some room for contingencies, like team members being on vacation or tied up on other projects.

Look at a calendar and find a good launch date that is in the future by at least a month away, to get started, and then, you can start to fill in the production schedule and strategize on content ideas.

By having it a month away, it gives you time to stay ahead in creating content. It also gives you margin in your time, so you don’t get burnt out, and leaves room for when you are out on vacation or buried in a project. This also provides a layer of safety in the event you get sick or need to deal with a life event such as a family emergency.

The last thing you want to be worrying about is your content schedule. Do it in advance, and you won’t have to think twice no matter what comes up in life.

Some benefits of keeping content calendars include:

  • Remain current on trends and important dates
  • Insert guest bloggers as needed
  • Prevent unnecessary time gaps between posts
  • Organize creative assets
  • Reduce stress
  • Manage your time

The easiest way to schedule upcoming content is to think about the frequency of your publications.

Are you publishing every hour? Every day? Week? Month? And then dial it in; every hour at 15 mins after the hour, or every day at 1pm, or every Tuesday, or on the first of the month?

Once you have a calendar set up, it’s brainstorming time. Learn more about how to generate content ideas with your team.

Use software to save your sanity

Use a social media manager or scheduling apps to plan out posts in advance. These will automatically post for you on the date and time you decide so you don’t have to think twice about it later.

Apps like Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, HeroPost, etc are just some of the social media apps you can use to get your content out there.

Batching your content creation

Batch your content creation to be the most effective and do some deep work rather than a bit here and a bit there. “Batching” means to block out a big chunk of time to create more than one piece of content for the upcoming schedule.

Generally speaking, the more focused you can be when creating content as a whole, distraction-free, the better the outcome.

For the Bear Wade brand, we block out one session that is about an hour long each week to write out my filming outline and about 2 hours the following day to film and transfer footage to my editor.

I can generally shoot one episode in one filming session, but that episode gets broken up into 4 or 5 segments that are shared on social media.

This is great for publishing content consistently, allowing for maximum exposure with an episode out once every two weeks and social media clips out three times a week. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off track. Just get back to it when you can and keep on creating.

If you start to get stressed about your current content output schedule, it could be time to reevaluate how often you post. You don’t want to risk burning out. 

If you don’t have enough content straight from your video content, use images to fill in the gaps. Consistency + value = profits

The same goes for publishing. Schedule a few weeks of social media posts, email campaigns, and videos to be premiered on YouTube, then you don’t have to be clicking a button at 7 am on a Saturday because that is when you have found it is the best time to release a video on YouTube for your type of content.

Man, it feels so good to be on top of things! With a good amount of content ideas generated you can easily schedule things out a week or two and be on the proverbial beach sippin’ margs while you continue to reach your audience and bring in more sales!

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