Are you collecting the email addresses of your previous customers and interested fans?

Having this list and continuing to deliver your solutions to them can be immensely beneficial to growing your business

Selling to someone who already has purchased with you is way easier than selling to a new customer.

Over the past month, we’ve helped two of our clients build-out their CRM (customer relationship management) solution so that they had consolidated their different lists into one master list to email to.

We consolidated their invoice contacts, online payment contacts, and tradeshow signup into one list. 

Where can you pull interested people from and get them on your list?

Email is still king when it comes to reaching your dedicated fans because, on social media, we are beholden to the algorithm that limits the number of followers that see our posts, but with email, you can reach everyone that is on your list time and time again.

If you have a list, we recommend that you put it on your calendar to email your list at least once a month, but not more than once a week.

Here are some content ideas to email your list:

• Your newest work
• A customer success story
• A client testimonial
• A problem you’ve seen that you can solve
• A new blog or social media post that made an impact
• A new video release
• A new sale offering
• News based on an upcoming holiday

Adding good images, emojis, and a good subject line is all valuable to the success of your open rate.

Step 1. Schedule a block of time in the next week or two to work on consolidating your lists.

Step 2. Then, schedule another block of time to write an email.

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