Why you need our FREE marketing blueprint to save a ton of money?

Hey everybody, I am Bear Wade with Unify Creative Agency where we want to help you be seen, heard and understood and look more professional in your business.

And today we’re going to talk about how you can save a ton of time and money with greater impact in your marketing.

So follow me and let’s get started.

Why our FREE marketing blueprint?

A lot of marketing has been done out of order, especially if you own a business and running a company, it seems like there are times where you are spending money on the wrong things at the wrong time.

I’ve had a lot of clients, so I, I come from a documentary film, a filmmaker background. I have a photography degree, so I’m very visual and won awards.

Our group have a film on, uh, public television around the country for the last decade.

People come to me for video all the time and they want some help with their video and they know they need video

Sadly, they just don’t know exactly where to start or they want us to help out.

Every time we come to a production, me or pre-production meeting, we sit down and discuss before starting!

We finally get to the part where, you know, at the end of the website or at the end of the video, we’re going to show your website, your domain name.

Want people to go out, you know, come back, uh, after watching that video and come back to your website where you can sell them, convert them into customers.

Knowing some beginners mistakes and avoiding

I always say, so, how’s your website? Is it, is it ready to go? Is it polished up and ready to convert for you?

A hundred times out of a hundred,  somebody, you know, they, Oh, the client would always go, you know, we don’t really have that figured out yet.

Or yes, we have a website, but I don’t know, you know, most everyone has a website, but it’s just not converting for them, you know? well, let’s start back.

To be honest, we don’t want to have this video produces great looking piece to go out and get people and then bring them back and then have it just stopped dead there, you know?

We want to make sure that we can continue to push people down the funnel, you know, uh, the, through the sales cycle.

Let’s start back a step and, and let’s figure out what we need your website to look like. So we kind of stopped that video pre-production meeting.

We’d push pause, Oh, we keep going through with it. But, um, at the same time concurrently we would start working on their, uh, you know, kind of website redo, you know, refresh for them.

Go through that meeting. And say, okay, well, you know, do you have your, your branding, your logo, you know, more than your logo

How effective is our FREE marketing blueprint?

But like your messaging, you have a color palette defined, do you have some hero photos, really good photography?

This clearly shows either the outcome of working with your shows after your product or your service, you know, are there smiling faces.

And then is there a way to, for people to start buying from you?

We’d get to that part in and people would go, actually, you know, we have a logo but we don’t have any colors in our, our photography needs work too.

Is that something you could help out with?

I realized that there’s a blueprint to these, to this marketing, having these steps, having your platform figure it out.

In my own experience,  I learnt it by doing it wrong or coming at it, you know, backwards.

With that we had diff, I had defined, I kind of wrote sat down, uh, talked with my team and said, okay, so this is what I think the order of things should be.

I mapped it all out and we call it the unified blueprint. And with that, we now say, you don’t have to have all of these things.

Four phases you need to know

I broke it out into four phases and you don’t have to have, all of these things, but you should at least address them at this moment.

So if you have a logo, great, let’s check it off. You know, if you have photography, great, let’s check it off.

If you don’t, now’s the time to have photography.

Now, you know, when you have, um, a construction project, like building a house that their architect, creates a blueprint.

It is a way to communicate and build your building, right? Or your home.

I want you to think about like, if you, if you were building a home, you wouldn’t build the foundation or you wouldn’t build the roof first, right?

And you wouldn’t paint would, you would put up the walls first, right?

What mistakes to avoid while marketing?

That seems so basic and obvious, but people don’t do that in the marketing.

They say, I’m going to build a website first.

And yes, they have a domain name pointed to a thing on the internet that has something to do with their business,

However it’s not in any order that is actually helpful.

Yes, you could build the roof first and it might keep you dry, but it wouldn’t stay put!

it wouldn’t do the best version of itself if you don’t do it in the right order.

Efficient tips for marketing

The whole idea of doing things in order is really the same thing for marketing.

Video production can be so expensive and it’s because we’re figuring out all those elements before getting started.

But if you have those other elements in place, it’s just now reformatting them for that medium.

So if you have photography and your logo, colors and style guide and you know kind of in place and you have some sort of brand script.

All of that would go into a photo and or into a brochure and all of that would go into, um, you know, a video as well.

And both of those things are different mediums, but it’s so much easier and less expensive if you have that figured out ahead of time.

I want to offer you our Unify Blueprint UnifyBlueprint.com and there you can download the free blueprint example.

You can go through it and say, I have this, but I don’t have that.

And just think about it cause you don’t want to start spending money on things like Facebook ads or Google ads

More so, until you have those other things in place or you’re just throwing money at a slot machine and always wins.

You want to make sure that you have that your platform in place and then start collecting information about your customers.

If you can have some sort of lead magnet or a giveaway or something that you can trade for their email address, that is also very helpful.

But then you can offer your services over and over to them and remind them that you’re available and that you have solutions for them.

How you can download our FREE marketing blueprint copy?

I encourage you to check out, unifyblueprint.com. Sign up, download and go through it.

If you get confused or want more guidance, you can always book a free consultation, um, right there.

That way we can walk through,your particular case and find the best solutions.

Or clearly articulate my professionalism and what my company’s about?

If else you might say, um, you know, I just don’t have a brand script figured out.

I don’t have that kind of quick pitch that I can tell somebody what I do.

But you can get started at UnifyBlueprint.com. and I will be glad to offer any help you may need.