Why using Wix is killing your business? Hey everybody, my name is Bear Wade with Unify Creative Agency where we want to help you be seen, heard and understood.

And today we’re going to talk about how GoDaddy, website builder, Squarespace, and Wix is killing your business.

Yes, they will help you create a website where you can kind of show off what you do and, and boast about yourself, but they are not really teaching you how to, build a website correctly.

That doesn’t mean like how to code correctly or use colors correctly or images. It’s more about the fact that when you build a website, you want to show off what the outcome is of what you do.

So you don’t necessarily want to show off that you’re, an award-winning film director. You want to show off how your films have impacted others and how they could impact your next client. You know?

How we help our clients?

If you’re a counselor, you don’t want to talk about necessarily your accreditation’s and all that at the front. You want to talk about the outcomes, like you’ve helped, company a, you know, raise their profits or you’ve helped company B keep their staff retention. You know, things like that. So think about you.

You want to think about those messages and try and think about it from the viewer’s perspective when they come to your website. Yes, they want to be, you want to be sure you validate that, you know what you’re talking about and what you are doing and what you can offer.

But you also want to make sure that the way you are structuring what your website looks like or how it’s the tone and the kind of design of it is more about how more about the outcome of what they get if they work with you.

The question still remains: Why is using Wix is killing your business?

Why is using Wix is killing your business?

That’s my one big tip for today. Also, I want to show you a website of a client that we are working with. She came to us with a GoDaddy website and you know, to get started it’s fine, but it’s not going to make her money over while she’s sleeping.

It’s just not gonna. Make her money while she’s, you know, it’s not converting anything, and she’s having a tough time finding clients through her website. She is doing fine getting clients, but through her website that is not converting.

And so I wanted to show you, the site that you know, the to her site, her current site and what we’ve mocked up for her as a new site. And so let’s dive in and I’ll show you my desktop.

So on the left, this is our client. Melissa Porterfield, with Silk Mountain.

She is a, HR, she has an HR background but also works to help ease bad culture in a company. And so I wanted to use her today as kind of our example.

What we have here on the left is her current website. She built it in go GoDaddy website builder. She did it herself.

You know, overall it’s, it isn’t that bad. She’s checked a lot of boxes, but it could be taken a lot further and so, and she knows that man.

So this is, I’m not trying to bash her or anything.

How this impacts long term growth?

We all agree it was a great first step. And so, this is kind of what we have here. So we have her logo on the upper left-hand corner. We have some buttons, for her navigation.

I believe healthy organizations are the foundation of strong cultures, but I don’t really understand what she does.

This photo isn’t helping me much. I guess it’s corporate, but it feels like, you know, I just don’t understand what this is. And so is it a museum?

The black and white makes it more stark, this splash of color, this dark green is pretty nice, but there’s just not enough to understand what she does.

Her little tagline here says a new look of leadership, that says, okay, well she’s in some sort of business leadership thing and then her capabilities.

So we have a culture and design mergers and acquisitions and strategic expertise.

I think these are pretty good to kind of state some of the things that she focuses on or that she realizes.

We have some logos here that showed the validity of what she does and some of the organizations she’s worked with and her contact information.

You know, yes, she has checked some boxes here, but really there’s no benefit to the viewer as to what they get out of it, you know, or what, you know, what’s in it for me or what can I buy from you or how do I work with you?

Knowing how to solve problems

We haven’t solved all those problems yet with this with this website that we’re working on, but we are getting closer, right? So we have the logo, we have our contact information at the top.

I know her kind of funny tagline is work shouldn’t suck. And so that every time she says that to somebody, it gets their attention.

So we wanted to make sure we put that upfront, but then we say what she does, Silk Mountain transforms company culture, which positively impacts your bottom line. And then we decided to build an ebook for her.

She still asked us Why using Wix is killing your business? is so important to understand!

She had written this document that she had kind of used as a blog post a long time ago.

And so we revised it and we turned it into a, we made this like mock, so it looks like a book and came up with a name.

From there we were able to start exchanging people’s email addresses for this free download.

Understanding lead magnet

And so we call that a lead magnet. This is a way to keep continuing to reach the right people. So people that would be interested in this free ebook are probably business leaders, you know, and people that might hire her.

We wanted to make sure that we could give them some of her free information and learn, Oh gosh, you know, the 12 different types of disengaged employees. And if that starts stressing you out, we know you can get more information.

From this, she’ll be sending more information once people download it. We have the same kind of validity, but I tried to merge them together a bit more. And then one of the biggest things that we worked on with her was some sort of brand script.

We call it a unified script. And what that is, is trying to come up with a short, easy to digest paragraph, a set of paragraphs that really says what she does. And so we understand that as a business owner,  running a profitable company is paramount.

Understanding the nuances

And so we have these kinds of, you know, we have some validity about, according to a Gallup poll, 70% of average companies, uh, employees are disengaged. That’s a huge number, right?

People are losing, like, I think she had another stat in here about, 30% of your annual salary; it costs you one-third of your annual salary because your employees are disengaged.

Anyway, we, she had a few of these facts, so we wanted to make sure we got them in there. Then we started talking about why could be the solution to your problem.

How we helped our client?

We talked a little bit more about her human Synergistics program that she uses and she’s certified in, and then we talk about who she serves and then a call to action that she, man, she almost cried when she read us delivering that to her.

She, we had a few little tweaks but nothing too big. And man, she was just so happy to have something that clearly explain what she did because before that it was kind of a hem and haw thing and you know, she, she had so many words to use that it got overwhelming for the listener.

We also have a very easy to understand button that if you want to jump on a conversation with her,  you can book right here and this links to a calendar.

The scheduler, this is the part we haven’t done yet and we’re still waiting for her feedback on this, but it’s that idea of having, you know, easily three things that you offer and um, easy to understand, uh, bullet points, you know, of, of what you do.

She’s also putting together testimonials, which she has quite a few of, but she hasn’t got them us just yet.

And so we’re going to put those in. So we want to make sure that it’s not just her touting herself,  but other people talking about her.

And then a little bit more about Human Synergistics, which is this certification and accreditation that she has just so people understand that it’s a big deal and it can be very helpful in helping change your company culture.

Understanding the difference

So can you kind of see the difference that here it, with our new website, it’s more interactive and it’s a way to start generating leads.

Also, it tells a little bit more about her. We wanted to make sure we got a picture of her on here so people knew who they were buying from here. She doesn’t have that until you get to the about us page.

And so you can kind of see that she has four or five pages here.

We’ve condensed them into one. And then on the next page, once you, click here to download and this auto-populates your email address, that’s our email address.

Once you submit that, it takes you to the next page. And this is only two-page site.

The next page shows a video of her that she has had produced. It’s an hour-long so people can understand her process.

It’s professionally done, it’s what she has. And so we want to make sure we used it.

Book your free consultation today

And so if you feel like you’re struggling with, so it’s very easy. It’s very simple, it’s very, it’s not complex to understand what she does and how she can help you.

Conclusion – How we can help!

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By now you know Why using Wix is killing your business? and why such platforms are not good for your website’s long term growth!

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