Travel America

Unify Creative Agency is proud to announce our new online web series, Travel America!

From award-winning Executive Producer Brandon Wade (creative director at Unify), Travel America hosted by D.J. Rockette (of Unify) is an on-going travel web series promoting tourism, attractions and destinations. Providing a platform for the best of tourism in America, both on and off the beaten path. 

"Every city has a story, and every story deserves to be told."

Since the beginning of time, traveling has provided those who develop a craving for adventure with the opportunity to discover and explore. Even with popular national landmarks and monuments cities work hard to create and expand points of attraction to ensure new and returning guests have amazing and memorable experiences. Now, there is a platform where the best of tourism in America, both on and off the beaten path is able to be seen. 
Slated to air in the Spring of 2018, Travel America is an on-going travel series promoting tourism attractions and destinations within the United States. The season-based show will begin production of its first season, “Show Me MO” focusing in on the well known, as well as hidden gems exclusive to the state of Missouri.

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