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• Crafting a Unique and Memorable Brand Identity: Establish a brand that stands out in the nonprofit sector, reflecting your core values and mission.

• Developing a Compelling Brand Story: Tell your nonprofit’s story in a way that resonates deeply with donors and volunteers, creating a lasting emotional connection.

• Designing Cohesive Visuals: Create visual elements that consistently represent your nonprofit’s essence across all platforms.
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• Designing User-Friendly, Visually Appealing Websites: Build a website that is easy to navigate and visually compelling, ensuring visitors can find information effortlessly.

• Enhancing Donation and Volunteer Systems: Optimize your website to facilitate smooth online donations and volunteer sign-ups.

• Optimizing for Mobile Users: Ensure your website looks great and functions seamlessly on all devices.
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Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

• Strategic Planning and Execution: Develop tailored marketing strategies and timelines to achieve your campaign goals.

• Creative and Compelling Messaging: Craft persuasive content and utilize various media channels to engage and inspire your audience.

• Donor Engagement and Retention: Implement recognition programs, use data analytics for campaign adjustments, and maintain ongoing donor communication.
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Photo & Video

Photo & Video

• Capturing Powerful Images and Videos: Showcase your nonprofit’s impact with professional photos and videos that tell your story.

• Producing Engaging Video Content: Create video content for social media and your website that engages and inspires your audience.

• Highlighting Your Unique Mission: Use visuals to emphasize the unique atmosphere and activities of your nonprofit.
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Campaign Materials

Campaign Materials

• Creating Visually Appealing Campaign Materials: Design easy-to-read, impactful materials for fundraising campaigns.

• Highlighting Key Initiatives: Use strategic design to showcase your most important programs and needs.

• Ensuring Consistency with Your Brand: Make sure all materials reflect your nonprofit’s brand and mission.
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• Creating Eye-Catching Signage: Design impactful signage for events and fundraisers that draw attention and inspire action.

• Communicating Your Brand Effectively: Ensure all signage reflects your nonprofit’s message and values clearly and effectively.

• Innovative Designs for Interior and Exterior: Implement creative signage solutions for both your office and event locations.
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Print Ads

Print Ads

• Designing Impactful Print Advertisements: Create eye-catching ads for local newspapers, magazines, and event programs.

• Crafting Promotional Materials: Develop flyers, brochures, and other print materials that effectively promote your events and initiatives.

• Compelling Ad Copy: Write persuasive ad copy that drives engagement and support for your nonprofit.
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Social Media

Social Media

• Managing Your Social Media Presence: Maintain a vibrant and engaging presence on social media platforms.

• Running Targeted Ad Campaigns: Use targeted ads to reach potential donors and volunteers who align with your mission.

• Growing Your Online Community: Increase your social media following and foster a community of supporters.
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Local SEO

Local SEO

• Optimizing Your Online Presence: Improve your nonprofit’s visibility in local search results.

• Managing Online Reviews and Listings: Ensure your nonprofit’s information is accurate and positively reviewed across various platforms.

• Driving More Traffic with Strategic SEO: Use SEO best practices to attract more visitors to your website and events.
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Our Proven Framework For Each Step of the Way

  • Specialized Expertise: Our award-winning team provides tailored solutions for nonprofits, from crafting memorable brand identities to designing impactful campaign materials and capturing powerful visuals.
  • Commitment to Partnership: We work closely with you to align every aspect of your marketing with your mission and goals, ensuring a cohesive and effective strategy.
  • Comprehensive Services: Enhance visibility with local SEO, engage supporters through compelling social media campaigns, attract attention with innovative signage and print ads, and streamline online donations with state-of-the-art website designs.

Comprehensive Services for Nonprofits & Foundations

  • Video Storytelling: We put your mission on display through stunning visuals and captivating emotional storytelling to get more buy-in from your tribe.
  • Engaging Social Media Campaigns: Build a loyal community with content that resonates and inspires action.
  • Innovative Signage and Print Ads: Draw in attention with creative and impactful designs for your events and fundraisers.
  • State-of-the-Art Website Designs: Make online donations and volunteer sign-ups a breeze for your supporters.

Trust OrgRaise to Handle Your Marketing Needs

From local SEO that boosts your visibility to engaging social media campaigns that build a dedicated community, we cover all bases to ensure your nonprofit thrives. Our innovative signage and print ads draw in attention, while our state-of-the-art website designs make online donations and volunteer sign-ups effortless for your supporters.

Focus on Your Mission, Let Us Handle the Marketing

Trust OrgRaise to manage your marketing needs so you can focus on what you do best: making a difference and creating unforgettable impact.


Video Storytelling & Your Legacy

Why every non-profit needs to create better videos to build stronger volunteers, impactful donations, and a lasting legacy


Unlock the power of video storytelling for your non-profit with our comprehensive eBook, “Why Every Non-Profit Needs to Create Better Videos to Build Stronger Volunteers and Impactful Donations.” Discover practical tips on capturing emotional testimonials, crafting clear messages, using essential video techniques, and creating compelling CTAs.

This guide will help you engage your audience, inspire action, and drive meaningful support for your mission. Sign up now to elevate your video content and make a lasting impact!


Here is some work we've done with organizations like yours.

These are results your board members will love.

Treadwell Case Study: Elevating a Brand to New Heights

An impressive ROI of 943% on their investment with us.

When Treadwell initially partnered with us to brand their startup software consulting business, we laid a strong foundation for their identity. Years later, they returned to elevate their marketing and refresh their brand. Our comprehensive approach included revamping their logo, color palette, website, photography, and print materials. This refresh not only modernized their appearance but also clarified their mission.

Remarkably, within just a few days of the rebrand, Treadwell secured its largest client to date. Treadwell has been expanding its team, growing its client base, and thriving.

Above is the collateral for Treadwell’s rebrand.

Rebranding LCMNET to LuMin: A Comprehensive Transformation

We spearheaded the complete rebranding of LCMNET, transforming it into the vibrant and memorable “LuMin.” This extensive project included several key elements:

  • Creation of a Memorable Emblem: We designed a distinctive emblem that encapsulates the spirit and mission of LuMin, ensuring it stands out and resonates with its audience.

  • Color Palette Inspired by the Church Calendar: Drawing inspiration from the rich and meaningful colors of the church calendar, we developed a cohesive color palette that adds depth and significance to the brand’s visual identity.

  • Brand Film Production: Our team traveled across the country to produce an inspiring brand film. We highlighted various campus ministries and captured the dynamic student life at both large and small campuses. This film serves as a powerful storytelling tool, showcasing the impact and reach of LuMin.

  • Creation of Brand Images: We produced a suite of high-quality brand images for use on the website, in print materials, and across social media platforms. These images reflect the diverse and vibrant community within LuMin, enhancing its visual appeal and engagement.

  • Nationwide Integration: The new identity has been seamlessly incorporated into hundreds of campus ministries around the country, unifying their appearance and strengthening their collective presence.

This rebranding effort not only revitalized the organization’s image but also reinforced its mission and expanded its reach, creating a stronger connection with its community and supporters.

Above is the brand video for the launch of LuMin, as well as the hero image, visual identity, and tagline.

Forest ReLeaf Case Study: Brand Refresh, Brand Video, and Website Consolidation and Refresh

In our collaboration with Forest ReLeaf, we undertook a comprehensive brand refresh to modernize and elevate their identity. This involved creating a cohesive and vibrant new look that reflects their mission and values. We produced a compelling brand video that captures the essence of Forest ReLeaf’s work, showcasing its impact and inspiring community support.

Additionally, we consolidated and refreshed their website, streamlining the user experience and making it easier for visitors to engage with the organization, learn about their initiatives, and contribute to their cause. The result is a unified and powerful online presence that effectively communicates Forest ReLeaf’s vision and drives its mission forward.

This brand refresh, along with website refresh and brand video, was part of Forest ReLeaf’s new and improved marketing materials.

Happymess: Supporting Teenage Mental Health in America

At our creative agency, we are proud to partner with organizations like United Way on side projects that make a difference. One such initiative is Happymess, an online campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the mental health struggles faced by teenagers in a post-COVID world. Through a series of compelling videos, we aim to shed light on these challenges and provide support and resources for teens. Although Happymess hasn’t officially launched yet, we’re excited to share this meaningful project as a testament to our commitment to impactful storytelling and community well-being.

Revitalizing Tradition: A Decade of Growth Through Thoughtful Church Rebranding

Rebranding a church with a storied history and a passionate congregation is a delicate and significant task. Our team understands the importance of preserving and honoring the legacy of such an institution, especially one that has undergone a merger. Our goal was to create a new identity for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, based in Manchester, Missouri, that not only respects the past but also resonates with the current community, meeting the demands of today’s brand-savvy market.

We began by engaging deeply with the church’s leadership and elected lay leaders, ensuring that every voice was heard and every concern addressed. With these insights, we embarked on crafting a visual identity that seamlessly translates across all platforms—print, screen, signage, and social media—ensuring consistency and recognition in every interaction.

In addition to the rebrand, we developed an industry-leading, mobile-ready website that integrates smoothly with the church’s CRM and donation platforms, providing a seamless user experience for both the congregation and the administrative team.

Now, nearly a decade since the project’s inception, the community continues to thrive, fully embracing the new identity we helped create. This rebrand not only honored the church’s rich history but also equipped it with the tools to grow and connect in today’s digital age.

Honoring Legacy and Inspiring Future: Faith Lutheran Church Capital Campaign Videos

Our team produced a series of three heartfelt videos for Faith Lutheran Church’s Phase 2 capital campaign, focused on redesigning the sanctuary. These videos play a pivotal role in the campaign by highlighting and expressing gratitude to the dedicated individuals who contributed to making the current sanctuary a cherished space. Through personal stories and heartfelt messages, we aimed to honor their legacy while inspiring the congregation to support the future vision. These videos not only celebrate the past but also foster a sense of community and shared purpose as the church embarks on this exciting new chapter.

Producing a 50th Anniversary Cornerstone Film: Let It Shine: Rainbow Trail - A Celebration of Ministry

“Let It Shine” marked the beginning of Bear Wade’s non-profit storytelling journey. Premiering in 2006, this film became a cornerstone for the camp’s 50th Anniversary Gala and served as a significant fundraiser for over a decade.

During the gala weekend, we rented an independent movie theatre and watched the film with over 200 supporters, filling the house.

Executive Director Dave Jarvis used the film to bring people “into camp” from afar, helping them understand the camp’s impact and the legacy they could contribute to.

Bear, who grew up attending this camp with his family and worked on staff for four seasons, created a meaningful project that is still used every summer for staff training. The film helps new staff understand the legacy they are part of and the camp’s future goals.

This film is proudly part of our portfolio, not to display our current style but to highlight the incredible impact it had on the community. Nearly two decades later, it continues to yield results, with increased volunteer support and record fundraising.

Bear aims to continue creating long-form storytelling films for organizations with lasting legacies that need to be preserved and celebrated.

Creating the Heart of a Virtual Summer: Camp at Home 2020 Video

In the summer of 2020, Bear Wade was asked to be part of the task force that brought camp home to campers during the summer of quarantine.

Our captivating video became the “tone setter” of the online platform for the “Camp at Home” program for Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp in Hillside, Colorado.

This video was crucial, bringing the camp experience to life for participants who couldn’t attend in person.

Through engaging visuals and compelling storytelling, we captured the essence of summer camp, providing a sense of connection and excitement for campers at home.

We helped train the staff on creating content, editing workflows, and storytelling, which helped provide a dynamic experience for young campers.

Our video played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the virtual camp, making it an unforgettable experience despite the distance.

Other projects that have impacted the community

Capturing Resilience: Joplin Tornado Documentary for the Reel Change Series

Our marketing firm was honored to create a powerful film featured in the Missouri Foundation for Health’s Reel Change series. We documented the immediate aftermath of the devastating 2011 tornado in Joplin, capturing the raw emotions and destruction. One year later, we returned to Joplin to produce a follow-up film, delving into the ongoing physical and mental health impacts on the community. This documentary poignantly highlights the resilience and recovery efforts, offering a deep and personal perspective on the long-term effects of the disaster. Through our lens, we aimed to bring awareness and understanding to the lasting challenges faced by the survivors.

Inspiring Change: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Fundraising Campaign Video

Our agency created a compelling video that tells the powerful story of a Good Shepherd Lutheran Church member who experienced a life-changing event. This moving narrative was featured during the church’s fundraising campaign, designed to inspire gratitude and provide viewers with a fresh perspective. By highlighting her journey, we aimed to deepen the connection within the church community and encourage support for the campaign, showcasing the profound impact of faith and generosity.


Reel Stories: “Canine CHAMPions” – A Missouri Foundation for Health Film

As part of the “Reel Stories” campaign for the Missouri Foundation for Health, our creative agency produced a series of impactful films, including “Canine CHAMPions.” This inspiring film follows Kerri Morgan, a member of the USA Para Olympic Track Team who lost the use of her legs due to a viral infection in her spine. We capture her dynamic lifestyle and the vital role her service dog plays in aiding her daily activities. Through Kerri’s journey, we highlight the resilience of the human spirit and the extraordinary bond between service dogs and their handlers, offering viewers a profound and uplifting perspective.

Raising Awareness Through Storytelling: Contraceptive Choice Project Film

Our marketing firm was commissioned by The Contraceptive Choice Project, a research study based at Washington University School of Medicine, to create a compelling short film. This film was designed to increase online awareness and highlight the experiences of some of their patients. By showcasing personal stories and presenting innovative solutions, we aimed to educate and engage a broader audience. Our storytelling approach brought a human touch to the research, making complex topics more relatable and accessible, and ultimately supporting the project’s mission to inform and empower individuals about their contraceptive choices.

Celebrating Growth and Community: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Mission Garden Film

We produced a charming film to celebrate the small but mighty mission garden at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. This heartfelt video highlights the garden’s impact on the community, showcasing the dedication and hard work of the volunteers who nurture it. Through beautiful visuals and touching stories, we aimed to capture the essence of this mission garden, illustrating how it serves as a source of nourishment, community, and spiritual growth. This film is a tribute to the power of collective effort and the profound difference a small mission can make.

Celebrating a Legacy: Fontbonne’s Deaf Education Program 50th Anniversary Film

We had the honor of creating a cornerstone film for Fontbonne University’s Deaf Education program’s 50th anniversary. This film weaves together interviews with new students, the administration, and the pivotal individuals who founded and developed the program into what it is today. By capturing their stories and experiences, we showcased the program’s rich history and its lasting impact on the Deaf community. This anniversary film not only celebrates past achievements but also highlights the program’s ongoing commitment to excellence in Deaf education, inspiring future generations to continue this vital work.


Inclusion Statement

At OrgRaise, we support organizations that promote open-mindedness, understanding, and the betterment of humanity and the earth. We believe diversity and inclusion drive meaningful change.

By partnering with like-minded organizations, we aim to create a more inclusive world, amplify voices, and bridge divides.

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At OrgRaise, we believe that stories are at the heart of every successful nonprofit. Capturing and sharing captivating impact stories is essential in building a proud tribe of supporters.

Consistency and Reliability

Move away from the unpredictability of freelancers and the limitations of in-house teams. Our dedicated team ensures consistent quality and reliability, meeting your deadlines and exceeding your expectations with each project.

Unified Look for a Cohesive Message

A consistent and unified look is crucial in conveying a cohesive message to your viewers, donors, and supporters. At OrgRaise, we ensure that every element of your marketing strategy works harmoniously to present a seamless and professional image of your nonprofit.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Techniques

We stay at the forefront of marketing technology and creative approaches. Our team uses state-of-the-art tools and innovative techniques tailored specifically to the nonprofit sector, helping you communicate your organization’s unique story compellingly and clearly.

Bear Wade, the founder of OrgRaise, celebrating another client win.

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We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. At OrgRaise, we collaborate with you to understand your specific goals and challenges, creating customized marketing strategies that align perfectly with your mission and organizational objectives.

Proven Impact and ROI

Our clients in the nonprofit sector have seen significant returns on their investments in our services, from increased engagement and brand awareness to tangible boosts in donations and volunteer participation.

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Our expert project managers take the stress out of marketing campaigns. From initial concept to final execution, we handle everything with precision and care, keeping you informed and involved at every step.

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Experience the difference with OrgRaise—where your mission meets our expertise to create marketing that isn’t just seen but remembered.

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