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Why use Cornerstone/Wordpress?


Gone are the days of having to work on the backend of your site builder only to have to guess how it looks on the frontend. With Cornerstone, all edits you make are happening while you view your exact site as it looks on the frontend!


This powerful feature allows you to quickly edit text on the fly without having to fiddle with the backend.

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Most page builders overwhelm you with options, buttons, and controls. Not so with Cornerstone. Every pixel was thoroughly laid out to create a simple two-sided interface: the work area and the preview area

6 Reasons you should be using MailChimp

  1. It’s Free!  MailChimp is a free service up until your mailing list reaches 2,000 contacts.
  2. User-Friendly!  MailChimp’s plug-&-play design makes it a very intuitive and easy to use system.
  3. Manage More than Email! MailChimp is much more than just a newsletter platform it is great for collating and collecting all of your contacts.

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    1. Industry Standard! MailChimp is used across businesses types because it is the most versatile of any similar platform.
    2. Desktop & Mobile Friendly! MailChimp is an excellent platform on any device.
    3. Templates! MailChimp makes it easy to create exciting custom templates. These templates are great for creating a unified look that reflects your website, facebook, and your overall design identity.