Is There a Lack of Brand in Your Marketing?

If you don’t have a strong reputation with your customers and leads, then you’ve probably got a lack of branding.

If customers don’t know who you are or what you care about, and can’t recognize your brand in a lineup, then you have a lack of brand.

Have you ever said this?

  • “We aren’t making a splash.”
  • “We don’t stand out.”
  • “It’s hard to explain what we do.”
  • “Customers ghosted us.”
  • “They don’t pay enough attention.”

Or have you heard people say this?

  • “I’ve never heard of you guys.”
  • “What is it you do again?”

If you build your branding, they might get a clue.

I learned to solve this problem early in my career, but I’ve found plenty of other speed bumps along the way. I knew building a brand was valuable when I started making a documentary for my favorite summer camp, and pitching it verbally just wasn’t enough for people to understand what I was envisioning. This was a major problem because I was trying to raise donations to finish the film!

Creating a visual identity was crucial in helping build the buzz and getting others to get on board with the production. I created promotional materials like a website and movie posters so people could imagine what the film was going to look and feel like when it was done.

It was an amazing start to our fundraising campaign, along with utilizing a handful of volunteers and former camp staff to build buzz. We ended up raising enough money to finish the film and it was a centerpiece during the 50th Anniversary Gala weekend.

If you are lacking very good branding, what are you going to do to take immediate action to fix this issue? Check out our strategies for upping your visual identity.

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