Grimco Product Videos

When Grimco (a B2B sign materials manufacturer) approached us to produce  product videos, we were delighted to work with their team to make things happen.

Erin, an actual employees and head of product management at Grimco, was game to be the “on-air talent.”

Together we outlined how these films should look and feel, drafted up outlines and scripts, and over the course of many nights in an undisclosed warehouse, we film.

After the filming we began editing and post production work to give each video the look and feel we had sketched out in the preproduction process.

The goal is to make these videos not just informational but entertaining and shareable. So each film at the end, has a funny "outtake" to reward the viewer for sticking through the entire video.

They have since used these films on their website, in email marketing, in their email signatures and in paid online ad placements.

We love making companies look good!

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Briteline G-Flex HTV Product Launch! from Unify Creative Agency on Vimeo.