Grimco Gives Back videos made by Unify Agency

We were elatedw hen we were approached to build a shareable set of videos by Grimco for their “Grimco Gives Back” campaign.

Without any 2nd thoughts, we grabbed the chance to make it more than they were expecting.

There were some challenges with the project such as short turnaround and client-supplied photos.

Using a “2 1/2 D” (not 3 dimensions or 3D, but 2.5D) technique we created movement.

An Important note

We retained interest the overall message without distracting it. 

We demonstrated high level of professionalism, creativity and finish to make those videos.

Our first film was designed as a teaser for their upcoming campaign.

Furthermore, the second one was designed to be more instructional for customers wanting to enroll in the charity giveaway.

What it means for us?

Grimco Gives Back videos made by Unify Agency are of the highest quality aimed at absolute customer satisfaction.

They are a B2B sign materials manufacture and distributor, “Grimco Gives Back” being a giveaway campaign

They are giving away $100,000 during the month of March 2018 to customers and charities.

We at Unify Agency have always given it our best in not only meeting, but exceeding our client’s expectations.

Our standards

feel free to get in touch with us and we will assist whether you need a simple or dynamic video.

Our guarantee is the trust we provide to our clients who would like to work with top professionals.

We ensure each project is unique and has challenges so we can utilize our best skills to help you.