Deliver content using Unify Delivery

I am Bear Wade with Unify Creative Agency and we want to help you be seen, heard and understood, look more professional and raise your perceived value.

Lets understand how to Deliver content using Unify Delivery.

If you’re a business owner, like most business owners, you’re wearing a lot of hats, right? And so, one thing that I as a business owner, I’m getting kind of worn down with, throughout my career is having to continue to connect with potential clients.

It just gets really bogged down like I have to manage email and writing blog posts and writing,  you know, monitoring social media and work on, you know, creating content and it’s a lot, it just can overwhelm you.

Oh, it overwhelms me and I assume it overwhelms you because you’re here. Getting organized is very, very important, right? Coming up with a system scheduling it is super important. Still wondering how to Deliver content using Unify Delivery?

So I hope you have downloaded the Unify content calendar. If you haven’t yet, go to there you can download our workbook. It makes it so much easier if it’s fairly straight forward.

How to understand content delivery?

But what you can do is write down your content ideas and then figure out how to roll those out over the calendar year. I want to tell you a story about a client that we now have, but how they were when we first started in the continent. The client, their company name, organization name is called Crossings.

And they are a, they’re a Christian organization that writes publications. They write, long form blog entries, let’s say, you know, a piece of content that they write about the upcoming message for this coming Sunday.

Implies, pastors can speak and, and learn about,  dive deeper into what the message is from the Bible and from that Crossings publishes something every week about them.

And so before they have, they have a handful of writers, may be up to a dozen and they’re working with how to, you know, they were just basically publishing to Facebook and I think they might’ve been emailing.

Issues website owners face

I know they’re posting their website and, and just posting the whole entry on Facebook. And so, and each person would publish it to Facebook under the Crossings, brand or under their page, but it was, everybody had a different style.

It is hard to get through and nobody wants to read, you know, man over 1500, 2000 words per entry for that one, you know,  in a blog post or in a social media post.

So what they did was,  would they contacted us because they just needed to evolve. I had done some video work for them and I said, you know, we need to get a better website up and going, we’re going to have this video go and reach people.

We want to bring them back to a good landing page. And so we got the website set up. But the biggest thing that was really helpful to them is coming up with a system, so that they re purposed their content over and over.

And that’s the thing for me that is so big. I’m so efficiency minded as a business owner and a one man crew, up until, you know, for the last 20 years, up until a few years ago. And so to try and figure out how to be efficient is very important.

How to make the process effective?

if I’m gonna make something once to re-purpose it is a very, you know, you want to maximize that, right?

And so when we got to the point of trying to streamline their process, you know, we, it was very helpful to help map out who’s, you know, like where the content is coming in and where it needs to go, right?

So we, you know, mapped out this, flow chart of, of who all, what all jobs need to be done and who was going to do them. And so we created this system. Now we package that system and we call it Unify Delivery.

I would love for you to consider it if you make content, need to reach customers, fans, your tribe, you know, on a ongoing basis, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, we want to help you.

Mistakes we often make

We as humans, you know, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this before, but it takes something like seven times to hear something for you to like fully understand it. And so with Unify Delivery or the idea of continually sending messages to your potential customers and viewers and tribe is that they will get your message and they’ll hear it different ways as you’re sending it out, um, over and over.

With that, they just become more engaged. They have a better understanding, even if they aren’t your specific customer, they will learn it enough to be able to tell other people about it and recommend you.

We also within that our service, we come up with a way to not just sell all the time but spread out the idea of offering value with that ask, you know, and so we want to make sure you ask, like going back to Crossings, they are nonprofit and so they are giving out value all the time and they hardly ever ask for donations.

To be honest, have to do it the opposite, right? We actually have to remind them, you do need to ask and get their support, you know, get your viewer support. And so, but usually it’s the other way around, right? It’s usually buy my thing, buy my thing, buy my thing.

In this regards, we want to make sure that we balance out having that, that value that we want you to be the masters of your content, but let us do all the work that doesn’t need your specialty for. Right.

Tips to make the process more transitional

And so if you have a, and the way you do it is you can make a video either on your cell phone or you can put it on,  you know, record it, upload it to Dropbox or Google drive that will, you know, we’ll help you set this all up, but you would upload it and then we get notified and we do some light editing.

So we’ll put your logo at the beginning, call-to-action at the end. Maybe add some music, if there’s any other B roll or, you know, like, images or slides, you want us to put over what you’re saying, we can do that too.

Subsequently, we will publish it for you. So we’ll post it to YouTube and Vimeo and,  post to social media and email it out for you with content.

I mean, there’s more details to it, but that’s kind of the generalized idea.

So you’re still making the content. What, you know, even if you have a, you don’t have to do video either.

If you write a blog post and we want you to be the specialist, you’re the specialist in this, you know, in your industry and that’s what makes you unique. And so we want to keep you in that role, but the rest of it of delivering it, it doesn’t need your expertise.

Right. You know, you can leave it to us and we’ll get it. We’ll get it there for you and represent you very well. And so we are doing this for Crossings and a few other clients and boy, it’s so,  it’s great to see their engagement go up and see more people using it.

How to save a lot of money?

They’re really just doing that one post once. And so you can save a ton of money by doing this. And so I encourage you to check out unified sign up. But I recommend go to, if you have your Unify content calendar, print that out.

Start filling it out and just say, you know what? I’m going to talk about this today and we’re talking about that.

Just think about like frequently asked questions that your customers have or your potential customers have, or a limiting belief that they might have, but just realize that if you start writing and scheduling it out, you know, you’re welcome to publish it yourself.

But don’t forget to, you know that we’re here to support you and we want to help you grow it.

You know, the whole thing gets done. So you have this idea and we spread it across all the places you potential customers could be and hopefully drive them to be a paying customer for you. So we hope you check it out.

Now that you know how to Deliver content using Unify Delivery, make the best use of it to your advantage!