Creating a Mockup of Your Website

Before you dive into actually designing your website, it’s helpful to create a website mockup – often referred to as a “wireframe” – that visualizes your website ideas.

You can have a lot of fun playing around with your mockup before building it out as a functioning website. This way you are focused on the meat of your website, and not the details of coding and customizing.

The buttons and videos don’t actually work – it’s just one vertical image that reflects the look of your website and placement of assets.

Creating a Site Map

Another option is to write an outline of your site map. Include all of the pages you want to have on your site. Then arrange the hierarchy and flow of your ideal customer journey to experience your website.

I like to start drawing boxes and lines, similar to a family tree, but you can also just create a traditional written outline. Build out the pages/posts required for your website. This can help your website developer catch the vision of what you are expecting to build, and spark more content ideas.

So, what should your website site map look like? If you currently have one, how would you change it?

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