At Unify Creative Agency, we believe your business deserves to be seen. It deserves to be heard. It deserves to be understood.

It deserves to grow.

But if you’re like most business owners, you’re amazing at serving your customers, but struggle with promotion and marketing.

It can be frustrating and overwhelming to go-it-alone, not have a solid plan, and not have someone you can call for help.

We get it.

It’s tough to run a good business AND do great marketing.

We have over 40 years combined experience helping businesses just like yours create engaging and captivating brands.

And we’d love to help your business see the growth you deserve.

The Unify Team


Brandon Wade 
Chief Creative Director

When you need to tell a story that moves people to action, you call Brandon. He’s an award winning videographer and producer*, a veteran entrepreneur and business owner, and the head honcho here at Unify. Brandon believes in the power of UNITY to build a business...a unified brand identity, a unified story, a unified customer experience, a unified marketing plan. And he’s baked that vision into every aspect of the Unify Creative process. So whether you’re a startup, a nonprofit, or a Fortune 500 powerhouse, you’ll have exactly what you need to make the impact you want.

* Check out the multi-time Telly-award-winning PBS documentary “Paving the Way.”


Bethany Dreher
Project Manager

Chief Client Success Enforcer, The Primary People Person, Director of Client Happiness...Bethany has quite a few names around here, but they all have one thing in common: her passionately tenacious focus on helping Unify’s clients achieve their goals. As a Unify project manager and editor with a background in the nonprofit world--and as a mom to two crazy” red-headed boys--Bethany has built a career and life around supporting others and helping them succeed. Our clients love her, and so do we.

D.J. Rockette
Video Content Creator
DJ is a maker. A doer. A producer. A creator. It started when he was in high school, using music videos to bring his school and city together. His passion for unifying people through compelling stories led him across the state of Missouri over the course of 8 months, spanning 3,400 miles, and 53 cities as he created The Missouri Anthem.” Since then, he’s been helping business owners make their brand vision a visual reality through powerful videos.

Kevin Gallagher
Manager & Designer

Kevin started out in journalism, using words to give people information. It wasn’t until he stumbled into a few graphic design courses that he found a new passion...using awesome design to make people’s brand visions a reality. Kevin led the web design team at several higher education institutions including Washington University. As a member of the Unify team, he helps our clients look awesome and generate attention.


Bo Meers
Multimedia Designer

Logos? Check. Animation? Check. Design that WORKS? Check. Whatever you need, Bo’s got you covered. As a Unify client, Bo will put his degree from Full Sail University and his superhuman design skills to work for your business and help you become seen and known. Graphic design is sales, persuasion, branding and, most of all, storytelling...and it’s Bo’s role to help you tell yours.


Sierra Teson

Not only does Sierra come from a father who is in the design and marketing industry, she has her own degree from Lindenwood University in marketing and P.R. As a member of the Unify team, she brings energy, her marketing savvy and drive to take our production to the next level.