If you want a business that stands out, you must have an effective brand. Branding is different elements that combine together so that customers recognize your products and company. These can include a logo, choice of colors, catchphrases, or entire marketing campaigns. 


To create effective branding, we can look at what other popular businesses have done. Below, you can see five of the most successful modern businesses and how they have used branding to ensure their name is not easily forgotten.

1. Google – The power of a simplicity


Google has created an incredibly successful brand without flashy graphics, slogans, or a host of multimedia. It has a relatively simple brand that effectively consists of… its logo! That’s literally it. 

Google landing image

What is one of the first things you picture when you think about Google? It has to be the brightly colored logo set in the middle of the white background of their search engine. The Google logo is iconic, but it is also incredibly simple. It’s basically just Google spelled in four different colored letters. We can learn here that branding doesn’t always have to be “over the top”.

2. McDonald’s – Bold color choices


When you think about McDonald’s, aside from the hamburgers, what do you think of? Many people will think of the yellow M and the red and yellow color scheme. McDonald’s has used red, yellow, and white for decades. It has always been their color scheme and it has left an imprint in our minds.


The use of consistent, bold colors can be incredibly effective for branding and marketing. You know you are successful when people can immediately pick out the colors associated with your brand.

3. Nike – A memorable slogan for the ages


Nike has proven that slogans can also be highly effective. What could be more legendary than the “Just to it” slogan? It’s one of Nike’s most effective trademarks and has been used since the late 1980s. 


When this campaign and slogan was at its peak, it helped Nike boost their share of the North American sport-shoe business from 18% to a whopping 43% – all from the use of a slogan! The power of words can be highly useful for a business and its branding.

4. Coca-Cola – Effective branding at all stages


Coca-Cola uses a stream of effective branding in its marketing. Firstly, they have the iconic Coca-Cola logo. This is again relatively simple, but it has remained largely unchanged for years. 


Next, they use a minimalist range of colors – mainly red and white. Coca-Cola has also been incredibly effective in its visual marketing. For example, their Christmas advert that shows the Coca-Cola polar bears has become synonymous with the festive period. Many people, indeed do not feel it is Christmas until they have seen the advert!

5. Apple – Unique and quirky media adverts


This list could not be complete without the branding giant Apple. Apple has perfected the art of branding and has managed to create an entire culture surrounding its products. People go crazy for new Apple product releases and it is renowned for its quirky and vibrant adverts. There is also of course the simple but effective Apple logo that anyone could immediately pick out.

iphone, ipad and apple pencil

Branding should be something you strive to build as part of your marketing strategy. There are many free tools available that help you do this. You can check out LogoCreator, for example, which is a free platform for developing business logos. Also, programs like Canva help you manage your branding elements and easily incorporate them into other marketing media.


If you are looking to take your branding to the next level, book your discovery call today!


By: Amber Hayes