If you are ready to take your messaging to the next level, we highly recommend our three-film package. All films include high quality background music, editing with your animated logo and domain name at the end. We’ll also design your thumbnail image and the video can be hosted on our Vimeo channel or your YouTube channel as well as embedded in your website.

Animated Film

The animated film is a great intro or overview into to who you are as a company.  It can also be used to highlight a new product or a specific focus or initiative within your company.  This film is a 30-second (one-minute max) video that will be fully illustrated and animated.

Humanizing Film

When you are ready to peel back the layers and let your viewers know more about you, your staff and company culture, we suggest a humanizing film. These films focus on bringing the soul and personality of your company to your audience. They are also perfect for highlighting an annual event or a partnership you may have with clients or other organizations.

The humanizing film is a 1-minute (two-minute max) video and includes 3 interviews or one scripted narration or voice over.  Unify will take a 1/2 day of shooting in one location (within 25 miles of Manchester, MO).

In-Depth Film

The in-depth film is ideal for a company that wants to not just give an overview of who they are or what they do, but really get into the details of why.  As a 2 - 3 1/2-minute (5-minute max) video, it is longer than most films, but still short enough to keep your audience’s attention. This video will be filmed in one day at up to two locations (within 25 miles of Manchester, MO) and typically includes 4 interviews or one scripted narration or voice over.  We will also include monthly reporting on viewership for this film (first three months, and then on anniversary date).

20 Credits

Est Turnaround: 8 weeks